Small Stout Box

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We need to raise $2,000 by November 20th for this bounty to get a Small Stout Box to succeed.

NOTE: This is an all or nothing campaign. Nothing will be charged to your credit card until November 20th, 2017, and then only if we get enough backers to make our goal.


If we make the $2,000 goal, we won't stop there. We also have a couple of stretch goals to help lower the price of the box. Reaching these stretch goals will allow us to buy a higher volume initially so we can lower the price right away.

Amount Reward
$3,500 The box price will drop to $6.49 per box.
$5,000 The box price will drop to $5.99 per box.


Many of you have been asking for us to make a tall small pro box. It takes a ton of materials, tooling, and most importantly space for us to introduce a new box. So we need your help.


The box's interior dimensions are 3.5" x 5.5" x 2". That's double the size of the small pro box. It can hold 266 poker sized cards or 133 jumbo sized cards. It can also hold 10 slugs of small chipboard punch outs and still have room for 172 poker sized cards.

It will be made from 70pt chipboard, covered by a heavy white stock, which is over 3 times thicker than the small pro box. And the box will be fully printed with full bleed in full color, all 5 sides on the top and all 5 sides on the bottom.

The box will cost $6.99 each, or $4.49 each in bulk.

This box will be made available no later than January 15, 2018 if we make our goal.

Specification US (Imperial) Metric
Interior Width 3.5 inches 89mm
Interior Length 5.5 inches 140mm
Interior Height 2.0 inches 50mm
Weight 3 ounces 85 grams
Thickness 0.077 inches 2mm
Material chipboard greyboard
Price USD $6.99 EUR €6,01 (approximate)
Release Date January 15, 2018 15 January 2018
Printing Full / All Sides Full / All Sides



By popular demand we've changed urgent tokens so that you get 1 for every $50 that you pledge instead of 1 for every $100. Therefore, if you pledge $100 you'll now get 2 urgent tokens!

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