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Augment: The Superpowered Party Game

Augment is a turn-based combat card game where players use classic comic book superpowers!


Augment is a turn-based combat card game that revolves around using classic comic book superpowers to fight other players. Set in a near-future "utopian" Earth, the united central government has discovered a way to extract the essence of life, and have named it "Soul." Unethical human experimentation involving Soul has revealed hidden, unnatural talents within the test subjects. They name these talents "Augments," but everyone simply refers to them as superpowers. They soon find that an overdose of Soul creates... grotesque results...


In a nutshell, the goal of Augment is to use superpower cards to give other players Soul Points and protect yourself from gaining Soul Points. Once a player collects 5 Soul Points, they are out of the game. Soul Points also take up space in players' hands, which are made up of 5 superpower cards. Once a player has 4 Soul Points (and only 1 superpower left), they unlock that card's Overload effect, a powerful effect that can turn the tides of the game.


Cards: 66 Superpowers and 40 Soul Points
Augment Box
Rules + Story Folio


Directions Link (Google Drive)

Why buy this?

"It's Better than Uno."

  • A variety of recognizable superpowers
  • Unique strategies, combos, and interactions
  • Fast-paced, chaotic gameplay




Component Quantity Photo
Poker Folio Set 1 set of 1 poker folios component component
Poker Tuck Box (108 cards) 1 component component
Poker Deck 1 deck of 106 cards component component

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