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Centershaft ~ Fallen Elements

A strategic tile-based thematic board game.

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BEGINNING SEPT 6th - OCT 6TH We are having a 30-day Crowd Sale! At this time, Centershaft will have a $5 start out drop on price! As more copies sell, the price will drop even more for everyone, even if you are the first one to buy!

You can help make the game cheaper for everyone by doing these three things...

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  2. Sharing this page! Yes! Please let your friends know they too can get a copy of Centershaft! The more purchases made the cheaper the price for everyone!

  3. Order your copy once the sale begins on Sept. 6th! Don't miss this opportunity to purchase your own copy of Centershaft and explore the Labyrinth for yourself!

Thank you for your taking an interest in Centershaft Fallen Elements. We can't wait to hear about the excitement of your purchase! Please be sure and leave us a review. We will see you at the Sale!

STORY Four renowned opportunists are hired to obtain the world’s rarest gemstones that were once derived from all over the world and are kept in an exclusive place, protected for thousands of years by a native tribe. It will be no easy task to retrieve the stones. The four opportunists must venture, not fully aware of the dangers, into a subterranean labyrinth. Seeking what they believe are rare gems, they soon discover the stones contain elemental powers. Threatened, they find themselves maneuvering quickly through warp portals, battling natives, and avoiding traps in an ever-changing maze. Escaping could prove problematic with a monstrous guardian willing to kill to protect its undisturbed dwelling. But returning to Centershaft and getting out alive is of most importance!

CENTERSHAFT - Fallen Elements

Is a strategic movement, item collection, tile laying game with a constantly changing playing surface. Players play as a group of competitive adventures and race to the finish to find all four elements in a labyrinth full of mischief, mayhem and mazes! Now you can venture along! Careful not to get caught by Infernal Shadow or let Dimensional Shift detour you! Get back to center shaft with all Elemental Tokens and WIN!!

COMPONENTS (specifically this production) does not include miniatures shown on Kickstarter version but is a Game Crafter version of the game that includes fully colored "ACRYLICS" to lower the cost for the consumer and may need super glued to stay in bases.

Tom Vasel ~ "The game in which you are shafting other players!"


Why buy this?

"The game in which you are shafting other players!"

  • Every game play is different. Very high replayability!
  • Ever changing game excitement!
  • Unique, incomparable, and fascinating game!




Component Quantity Photo
Small Circle Chit Set 1 set of 32 small circle chits component component
Medium Triangle Chit Set 1 set of 16 medium triangle chits component component
6mm Acrylic Shapes 1 component component
Poker Deck 1 deck of 70 cards component component
Large Stout Box (Full Box Printed) 1 component component
Jumbo Booklet 1 component component
Small Square Board Set 1 set of 32 small square boards component component
Jumbo Deck 1 deck of 5 cards component component
Crystal, Transparent, Blue 1 component component
Crystal, Transparent, Green 1 component component
Crystal, Transparent, Purple 1 component component
Crystal, Transparent, Red 1 component component
D12, Red 1 component component
D6, 16mm, Red 1 component component
House, Acrylic, Opaque, Black 4 component component

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The more people that purchase this game, the better the discount becomes for everyone.
We estimate this sale will ship on or around November 30, 2021.
On Sale Now! Buy for $88.99
Save $5.00 (5%) / Original Price: $93.99
If 6 more copies are purchased, then the discount will increase to 8% for a price of $86.38.

Possible Discounts

The number of copies sold determines the depth of the discount. You'll always get the best discount achieved no matter when you purchase through-out the sale.

Copies Sold % Discount $ Discount Price
Original Price 0% $0.00 $93.99
1+ 5% $5.00 $88.99
10+ 8% $7.61 $86.38
20+ 11% $10.22 $83.77
30+ 14% $12.83 $81.16
40+ 16% $15.44 $78.55
50+ 19% $18.05 $75.94
60+ 22% $20.66 $73.33
70+ 25% $23.27 $70.72
80+ 28% $25.88 $68.11
90+ 30% $28.49 $65.50
100+ 33% $31.06 $62.93
500+ 43% $40.86 $53.13
1000+ 51% $47.67 $46.32


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