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Hydro Soakers

Fast-Paced Action Hydration!

Upsize Fun Company

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Welcome to Hydro Soakers

Need to cool off in the hot summer sun? Play an exciting game of Hydro Soakers! Players go head to head controlling their teams of three athletes. Players will fire water guns, grab snacks, attempt to avoid getting wet by others and score eliminations. This skirmish style game makes you manage your water, choose the best time to attack and taunts you with when to grab some snacks off the buffet table.

Hydro Soakers is a fast action game where you don't want to get caught with an empty hydropack! Don't forget to fill up at the fill stations. Special events can either help you or hurt you so stay on guard. Play this unique water fight game with a friend and revisit your childhood of intense water battles. Grab your own copy of Hydro Soakers and you'll be glad you did.

  • Tactical moves and strategic decisions.

  • Water Management - Don't get caught with an empty HydroPack. Manage your water by filling up at Fill Stations.

  • Chow down on snacks in order to boost your abilities on the field

  • Watch out for special events. Some are good and some are bad.




Why buy this?

"This is an easy to teach, fun for the whole family game and honestly, I absolutely love this game."

  • Rad Early 90's Theme
  • Water Management System
  • Dynamic Setup and Replay ability




Component Quantity Photo
Poker Deck 1 deck of 24 cards component component
Quad-Fold Game Board 1 component component
Jumbo Booklet 1 component component
Custom Large Punchout 3 component component
Large Stout Box (Top And Sides Printed) 1 component component
Character Stand, Green 3 component component
Character Stand, Purple 3 component component
D6, 16mm, Blue 6 component component
Ice Cube, 8mm, Transparent, Blue 46 component component

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