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A Voice of Conscience: Onyx Kink Deck

Moral Quandaries & Great Conversations

The Onyx Kink Deck is an expansion to A Voice of Conscience: The Crystal Starter Deck.

A Voice of Conscience is...

  • ...portable.
  • ...easy to learn.
  • ...appropriate for teens and adults, and (with parental consent) mature children. (The Onyx expansion, in particular, is most likely only going to be relevant to individuals at least eighteen, as many teens do not yet have any kinks.)
  • ...a revolutionary game that generates deep conversations.

A Voice of Conscience tests your knowledge of yourself and of your friends. There are no right and wrong answers, only the truth of you and the other players.

What would you do...

  • ...if you caught your spouse cheating on you?
  • ...if your fourteen year old daughter wanted to go on a date with a boy, alone?
  • ...if you owned an acre of rain-forest and were offered millions of dollars to have it torn down?
  • ...if your best friend applied at your establishment, and also someone more qualified?

These are just a few examples of the kinds of ethical quandaries raised in A Voice of Conscience. Each unique deck is packed with unique questions, covering a broad spectrum of ethical questions, covering everything from theft to white lies, from abortion to incest, from adultery to polyamory.

Tired of talking about movies and the weather? Want to really get to know your friends and have meaningful discussions that matter to you? Then this is the game for you!

Voice of Conscience is also a great game for getting into meaningful discussions with your children. Have you ever talked to your children about sex, drugs, violence, love, marriage, fertility, politics, and health? If you have, that's great! This game will help you find even more great topics to discuss. If not, then all the more reason to get this game, so that you will have those meaningful discussions. However, the Onyx deck specifically is not recommended for children.

A Voice of Conscience has five different play-styles, allowing you to use your deck in unlimited ways, keeping the game fun and fresh for years to come.

Beyond that, A Voice of Conscience asks unique moral questions never before asked in any game! (And I've played dozens of games that revolve around asking questions.)

Best of all, if you ever do get bored with the questions in any particular deck, then you can buy another deck and get another set of questions! In fact, in play-testing we found that three to four decks shuffled together creates a great mix that will last for a long, long time, especially if you vary up the friends you play with.

Be sure to include The Crystal Starter Deck or The Ruby Polyamory Starter Deck, as these contain the how-to manual and some important parts required for play. The expansion decks only contain additional questions.

The Decks

The Crystal Starter Deck

  • A Voice of Conscience: Starter Crystal Deck
  • Theme: Family-friendly questions. The Crystal deck raises important questions of values, ethics, and ideals with a broad variety of hypothetical situations.
  • Type: Full game.

The Emerald Fiscal Deck

  • A Voice of Conscience: Emerald Fiscal Deck
  • Theme: Business ethics. Appropriate for almost any kind of gathering, and children ages twelve and up (with parental discretion). The Emerald deck can be used to interview potential employees.
  • Type: Expansion deck.

The Sapphire Teen Deck:

  • A Voice of Conscience: Sapphire Teen Deck
  • Theme: Family friendly. The Sapphire deck is appropriate for children ages ten and up (with parental discretion). Recommended for teen sleepover parties.
  • Type: Expansion deck.

The Ruby Polyamory Deck

The Garnet Polyamory Deck

The Onyx Kink Deck

  • A Voice of Conscience: Onyx Kink Deck
  • Theme: Kink. Appropriate for kink parties, swinger gatherings, polyamorous potlucks, couples parties, and any adult gathering.
  • This Onyx deck does not assume that the players are polyamorous (as the Ruby deck does) but works well with polyamorous crowds nonetheless. It is recommended that players are at least seventeen.
  • Type: Expansion deck.




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Publish Date August 25, 2016
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Why buy this?

  • Start up a conversation that matters.
  • Get more laughs, fun, and value from social gatherings.
  • Learn new things about yourself and your friends.


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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