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Angels tarot

A 78 card deck with 78 unique Angels specifically named and described for guidance and ascension




Expand Your Consciousness with these Tarot Cards for Meditation, Healing and Ascension. This is a 78 card deck with 78 unique Angels, one for each card. Angels are various names and powers of God who is our Higher Self, often suffixed with the letters ‘El’. This tarot deck is for self-realization by recognizing that angels are powers within us so that we can invoke them for manifesting a better life and a conscious earth.

The Major Arcana has 22 different Archangels along with God and Goddess cards for aligning with the Highest Self or the Holy Spirit. The Minor Arcana additionally has 56 different angels with the symbol of Swords for the powers of Mind or the element of Air, Wands for the power of Will or the element of Fire, Cups for the power of Emotion or the element of Water and Coins for the power of Physicality or the element of Earth, including Court cards of Page, Knight, Queen and King for each suit. The cards are reversible to depict any fallen angels or blocked energies that require further healing or meditation for raising our frequencies higher.

The deck is compatible with the popular Rider Waite system of divination. A little white guidebook to explain the meanings of each of the 78 angel names and their powers is included, plus two extra cards for layouts and spreads. A free PDF training manual is available for download with description of each card vis-a-vis the corresponding Rider Waite card and with instructions on how to meditate and work with the deck.


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Publish Date October 30, 2017
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Department Tarot and Oracles
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Why buy this?

  • 78 Traditional Angel Names
  • Includes several popular Archangels and Angels
  • Spiritual not Religious with focus on Self Realization


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