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Apex - Escape from the Apes!

Can your party of adventurers escape the apes?
Apex is a co-op game. A small party of adventurers have been exploring the site of an ancient, abandoned jungle kingdom. After centuries of neglect, the old temples are under many layers of jungle growth, and the ruins are ruled by bands of marauding apes. Your exploration is nearly over, and you are climbing a stepped pyramid to rendezvous with the rescue helicopter. The apes are hot on your trail, chasing you up the pyramid! Help each other to the top and avoid getting captured by the apes.




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Publish Date January 15, 2014
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Adventure
Theme Survival
Setting Jungle
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Co-operation

Why buy this?

  • Exciting co-op for the casual, family gamer.
  • Perfect for kids and geek parents!
  • It's a race for survival!


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