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BBT - Big Boy Throwdown

Big Cards; Bigger Fights. Welcome to the Throwdown!




Big Boy Throwdown is a fun, casual card game for 2 to 6 players.

Armed with a hand of crazy, colorful characters, face off against your opponents in an all-out battle!

Play your cards, roll the dice, get even more cards and play your way to the top! With 100 unique cards in this first Deck including angry eggs, strange salesmen, cosmic clowns, friendly frogs, chicken champions, noble knights, sentient squares, a giant green cat named 'Dr. Uncle' and more, BBT is all the fun and variety of classic trading card games, easy to learn and straight out of the box!



87 unique character cards

8 Event cards

5 Summon cards

4 Dice

6-page instructional booklet with pictures and diagrams

A big old lovely box, in which the other stuff goes


The Game

Gameplay runs in a slick & quick combination of strategy and chance, with players using the cards in their possession to attack their opponents' cards. If a player destroys an opponent's card, they roll to draw a random card from the Deck. This is the only reliable way to keep getting cards.

All cards have their own unique stats and a variety of Effects, which twist the rules and vary wildly in power & utility.

Perhaps one of the most chaotic elements of BBT is the separate Event Deck, which is only drawn from when a "BIG Card" is destroyed. Event cards can give players free cards, special upgrades, or even the chance to destroy everything on the board.

Because of the sheer number of cards in the Deck, you may very well play half a dozen games of BBT before you see all of the unique, comical, and often surreal characters that we've packed into this first installment.

Ages 12+

Recommended game size: 2-6 players (BBT is designed for groups of 3 or more players, but does work with two players. More than 6 players can play BBT at a time, but game time will be longer as a result)

Avg. Game Length: 5-20 minutes


The Developers

Created by Clown Car Entertainment - a group of independent artists, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs who used to call themselves "Big Boys Studios," or "Big Boys LLC," or something - BBT has been a 5-year labor of love, spearheaded by Pittsburgh-born artist and creator Max Rayshich.

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Publish Date November 18, 2020
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Why buy this?

  • Easy to Learn!
  • Fun, chaotic gameplay!
  • Tons of Variety!

Big Boys LLC / Clown Car

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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