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The game of Cupcake Domination!

BerryMander is a 1-2 player game where players try to gerrymander a tray of cupcakes to win control of the government of Cakeland! Players alternate between creating groups of cupcakes and selecting groups to eat. If a group has more of your type of berry, you get to eat all those cupcakes. Player who eats the most cupcakes wins!

Game Play

The primary mechanic in BerryMander is "I cut, you choose". During setup players will pick teams and layout a random 6x6 tray of cupcakes. Then one player will Cut the tray of cupcakes into groups of 4 contiguous cards. The other player will select a group to Score. If there are any '?' cards in the group, reveal one of the randomizer cards. Count the total number of berries of each type showing in the group. Whoever has the most berries eats those four cupcakes and gets a point! Next, Replace all the remaining cupcakes into their original position in the tray and flip over any eaten cupcakes. Lastly, players Switch roles. The player who scored last round will cut the remaining cupcakes, and the player that cut last round will choose a group to score.

Print and Play

Free print and play version is available from our website:


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Why buy this?

  • Easy to learn and Fun to play!
  • Eat as many cupcakes as you can to win!
  • Random 6x6 maps means no tray of cupcakes is alike!




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Publish Date June 09, 2019
Edition First
Department Card Games
Genre Popular Culture
Theme Food
Setting Modern / Present
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Drafting
More Info BerryMander web site

Tessellation Games LLC

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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