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Blood Bowl

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Two teams of competitors take to the field. They are at once warriors and athletes, there to put sword to their enemies but also to emerge victorious in a game that requires supreme skill. A horn blows. The blood ball is tossed into the center. The melee begins!

Blood Bowl is a board game based on the war maneuver of the same name that occurs yearly at Queen of Hearts. In this abstraction of that tournament, you will field a team of 26 pawns in five different playing positions, Brute, Sweeper, Guardsmen, Handler, and Spell Slinger. Each position has its own advantages and abilities, and deciding how to balance your team is a crucial element of victory.

Your objective is to move the blood ball past your opponent's goal line to score a point. But while the task is a simple one, achieving it could not be more difficult.You will move your pawns around the field, engage in dice combat to determine the result of battles, and attempt to move the blood ball around through hand offs and passing. Only with superior strategy and some luck in your rolls will you succeed.

Choose your positions, line up your combatants, and move the ball. Welcome to Blood Bowl.

Components: 8 game mats to make up the playing field. 2 reference cards. 26 white pawns and 26 black pawns for the player armies. 24 position indicators in each of red, yellow, and blue. 2 black and 2 white positions indicators. 2 black D12s, 2 white D12s, 2 red D12s, 2 yellow D10s, 2 blue D8s, 1 white D4, 1 black D4.


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Publish Date December 26, 2015
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Why buy this?

  • Take control of five different positions of players!
  • Hand off and pass the ball around the field!
  • Move the ball across the goal line to score points!


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