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Card Game Inspired by

A kit with PNGs and a PSD to help you make your next card game!
Like to make card games?
Need a little help now and then?
Want some inspiration for your next card game?
Then welcome to the Card Game Inspired By... game kit. With the files embedded in this kit, you can take out some of the time-consuming parts of making a game, and get to the fun stuff: playing it.

This kit includes a single PDF file with the following files embedded inside it for you to use in your next game:
* 1 PSD poker card template with 4 different backgrounds.
* 4 symbols to use in your game.
* 12 original pieces of stock art to use in your game.

There's no catch. No gimmick. Just give a little credit in your rules for where you got some of your inspiration from, and go make your card game.

Why buy this?

  • Make your own card game using our templates
  • 12 pieces of stock art
  • 4 different backgrounds.




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Publish Date January 15, 2014
Edition First
Department Self Improvement
Audience Game Designer
If You Like Magic: The Gathering
More Info Card Game Inspired by web site


  • This game does not come in a box.


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