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Castles of Caleira

A Gorgeous competitive Medieval Fantasy castle builder

Castles of Caleira is a beautifully illustrated, fantasy landscape microgame for 2-4 players that uses clever interaction, and strategic decisions for players to compete to build the castle that history remembered. With 18 cards in the deck, and 10 unique card effects with multiple different interactions between them, Castles of Caleira is a light game with a surprising strategic depth. Protect your Princess Spire, or trade it away with a Marketplace whilst assembling 3 Battlements, you are the grand architect behind the realm of Caleira greatest castle, and you must crush your rival architect on a neighbouring hillside so that your castle is the greatest.



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Why buy this?

"The microgame category is frequently filled with games of just fluff, but Castles of Caleira is able to punch above its weight"

  • Gorgeously illustrated
  • Intricate strategic gameplay
  • 45 seconds to learn, impossible to master




Average Rating 2 reviews
Publish Date June 11, 2019
Edition Season 2
Department Card Games
Genre Fantasy
Theme Castles
Setting Medieval
Audience Hardcore Gamer
Primary Mechanic Resource Control
If You Like Magic: The Gathering
More Info Castles of Caleira web site

Keith D Franks III

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