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Death Derby: 2 Player Sample PnP Deck

2 Player Sample Deck




Win the race. Kill your opponent. Whatever works.

The year is 2200 and survivors of man-made and natural disasters struggle to live in a world poisoned and devastated beyond recognition. The new extreme sport and source of income for many are Death Derby races in which competitors vie to win or just to survive.

Death Derby features random courses, upgradable vehicles, and action cards that can influence the outcome in multiple ways.

Be the first to finish the race or the last one standing as you try to out think, out race, and out shoot your opponents. Modify your vehicle into a death machine or speed demon to survive while hampering everyone's efforts with well timed action cards.

This sample deck contains x2 vehicles, x10 track sections, x10 modifications, and x10 actions.

Full game can be found here: Death Derby: A Post-apocalyptic Card Game Core Deck

One 10-sided die, tokens, and pen and paper are needed to play.


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Publish Date September 18, 2020
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Department Games
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