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Dose 2016

Dose 2016 is cross between Uno™ and King's, now with a hilarious political theme!
We like to keep Dose current. For 2016, we have a political themed version of the game, complete with lots of cool new cards and rules.
Like a cross between Uno™ and King's, Dose brings the best of every card game. It's like Uno for Grown Ups!

Players race to get rid of all of their cards and prevent other players from doing the same. Each card is a pun and can advance the game or make players drink. Since winning isn't as important as having a good time, players can band together, chaotically try to make one or every person drunk, or simply try to get rid of their cards as soon as possible.

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Why buy this?

  • Political references and gags in each card!
  • Every card changes the game or makes players drink!
  • Learn to play in 90 seconds!




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Publish Date May 31, 2016
Edition Election Edition
Department Card Games
Genre Popular Culture
Theme Politics
Setting Dystopian Future
Audience Party
Primary Mechanic Hand Management
If You Like Fluxx
More Info Dose 2016 web site

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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