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Roll the dice, steal the gold, but don't wake the dragon!




In DragonHeist, 2 to 4 players are gold thieves, taking it in turns to plunder the sleeping dragon's hoard, pushing their luck to grab the most treasure, whilst trying not to wake the dragon!

Once all the coins from the hoard have been stolen, the player with the most treasure wins!

TREASURES! Players roll 6 'Plunder Dice' to see what treasures they can collect - coins, keys, chests, or magic rings. If they finish their turn with any of these treasures they can claim them from the dragon's hoard.

THE DRAGON FIGHTS BACK! Some dice rolled affect treasures – the dragon can snatch them back, or they can be made too hot to hold by dragonfire. The dragon's tail or wing send coins flying around his lair, whilst rolling a dragon's eye means the dragon is starting to wake up, so best not roll any noise!

MAGIC RINGS! There are 3 magic rings to find that can protect players from dragonfire, silence their noise, or make them invisible!

DEFEATING THE DRAGON! If a player manages to collect all 3 magic rings, and they are brave enough, they can try to defeat the dragon! With all 3 magic rings, they cannot be seen or heard, and are protected from dragonfire! The 'Dragon Die' is rolled to see whether the player can defeat the dragon before all their gold is stolen back


* HINT ON RE-BOXING! * There's a lot in the box! So when packing the game away, it is best to drop the dice in first, then slip the instructions in beside them, and add the rings / coins in piles on top of this!

See the Instructions document download below for the full set of rules for DragonHeist

See the Dice Sticker Guide download below which shows which stickers go on which dice

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Publish Date March 29, 2014
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Why buy this?

  • Fast, push-your-luck fun for 2 to 4 players!
  • Plunder a dragon's hoard of 30 gold coins and 3 magic rings!
  • Collect all 3 magic rings and try to defeat the dragon!

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  • This game contains laser cut components. Laser cut items will have a slight amount of soot around the edges, which can easily be wiped off; and will have a campfire smell for about a week after you open them.


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