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Earth Tau Battle Box Adverb VS Dr. Captain Man

2 Earth Tau Brawl decks to let you experience the living Super Card game




In Earth Tau you become an Agent responsible for the coordination and dispatch of Supers to various hotspot locations throughout the city. Use your Supers to build the best team for that situation and take control of the location before your rival agents swoop in and snatch control for themselves.

What does “the best team” look like? Each location is different and will require different powers to capture, but don’t worry, you will have some help. Accompanying you will be an experienced Super that will act as your team leader. Study the Supers in your roster, and learn how they can work together.

It’s up to you to save, enslave or profit in Earth Tau.

Adverb Skill Level – MID Deck Style: Broad reaching destruction with a fast rebuild. Adverb is the master of near-misses and narrow escapes, thus those under her command are nearly immune to board removal. With this in mind, Adverb is free to let loose with board shaking abilities while suffering minimal damage herself. Build your Admin and burn Locations to the ground when you get a chance. Then use the extra support you have stashed in Admin to come roaring back. Build, destroy, then rebuild better.

Dr. Captain Man Skill Level – Advanced Deck Style: Ambush deck - slow wind-up, with big finishing moves. Dr. Captain Man is not easy to work with, but the rewards for doing so are lucrative. Dr. Captain man has the unique ability to store cards in his Admin and then bring them out using the Portal ability without any need or concern for play restrictions. Load up your Admin then use Portals to bring out heavy hitters in surprising times and places. Never count a man out that truly believes in himself.


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Publish Date March 07, 2020
Edition Alpha
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Why buy this?

  • Every choice matters and no dead turns!
  • 8000+ board states, never play the same game twice
  • Amazing art and writing

New Quest Entertainment

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game does not come in a box.


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