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Entropy Enhancer

Improbable Island Playing Cards
"How did I end up here?" It's a question that you must have asked yourself at one point in your life or another...

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If you've spent any time on Improbable Island, you know what comes next.

If you haven't... well, who knows, maybe you'd like a silly text-based adult browser game where:

* You can fight a Panthzer¹ with a Spork, or be ambushed by a Ham Bush.

* Game coding lets players build their own interactive mini-worlds.

* The devoted fan community is friendly and welcoming, and delighted to answer questions. Plenty of scope for crestivity, too! You will find chat spaces with everything from casual everyday banter all the way up to role-playing of novel-length plots.

¹ Yes, that's spelled right. Panthzer. Half panther, half panzer tank. Think that's tough? Wait until you fight Dada the Ambulatory Printing Press.

~ ♠ ~ ♣ ~ ♦ ~ ♥ ~

This is the keepsake deck you can play regular card games with.

There are two other Island card decks now, and also a Collector Set of all three decks. See the Related Games, below! The other two are:

* Trains: The strange deck reproducing the stained, battered cards you used to find in the Trains feature, and

* Mighty Magpie: The card game! Beautiful illustrated 72-card deck with art from nineteen different Island artists.

All profits go directly to support Improbable Island.

~ ♠ ~ ♣ ~ ♦ ~ ♥ ~ ★ ~

Seriously, if you haven't seen Improbable Island -- the original indy text browser game that gave rise to these decks -- check it out!

Honestly, it's not for everyone. If you do have the quirky sense of humour to like that sort of thing, you'll find a rich source of amusement, a place to roleplay in a post-EMP future where anything can happen, and perhaps some really excellent friendships.

It can't hurt to look, right?

Welcome to Improbable Island []


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Why buy this?

I do not care how much it costs. I do not care how many variants there are. I do not care how big they are. I will buy them.

  • It's a map!
  • It's what every Joker needs!
  • Strap your deck to your back and head on out for adventure!




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Publish Date July 06, 2013
Edition First
Department Playing Cards
Genre Sci-Fi
Theme Weird
Setting Future
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