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Gloomhaven Status Markers

A quality of life upgrade!

Replaces or augments the status tokens from Gloomhaven with 1/8" laser cut acrylic markers that clip on to the chipboard monster standees. You get a more immediate sense of which monster is afflicted or enhanced with a status effect, instead of matching tokens on the monster stat cards to a monster on the board, so you can visualize your tactics on the board more quickly.

Some statuses induce effects at the ends of turns and these clips provide a more visual reminder to apply the effects every turn.

The number of markers for each status matches the number of tokens found in the Gloomhaven base game:

  • 10x Poison (green)
  • 10x Muddle (brown)
  • 10x Wound (orange)
  • 6x Invisible (black)
  • 6x Immobilize (red)
  • 6x Strengthen (light blue)
  • 6x Disarm (blue)
  • 6x Stun (dark blue)

Note: some of the tokens that have interior cuts may still have their cut-out piece of plastic still attached. These can easily be punched out and discarded.


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Why buy this?

  • Efficiently keep track of status conditions
  • A more visual way to strategize
  • Far less susceptible to a table bump




Average Rating 2 reviews
Publish Date April 17, 2019
Department Game Upgrades
Genre Fantasy
Theme Dungeons
Setting Medieval
Audience Hardcore Gamer
Primary Mechanic Co-operation
If You Like Dungeons & Dragons

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  • This game does not come in a box.


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