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Inner Goddess

33 cards to honor the divine feminine within all of us regardless of gender, race or religion




The Inner Goddess is our common divine self that transcends gender, space and time. Various cultures and tribes have developed complex theologies and myths surrounding divinities naming them as male or female deities, wherein goddesses were frequently associated with earth, and fertility, while monotheistic God as well as polytheistic gods wielded a higher power of creating earth and the universe. The Inner Goddess helps us let go of these conventional notions, seeing the Goddess as not only the energetic and vibratory component of the world but also as the creator and higher self that is beyond.

The name of each goddess is given by the author to elucidate inner powers within each woman and man, something beyond gender but visualized this time in a feminine form to heal the imbalance. Each card connects with an aspect of our inner self as well as with several goddesses from around the world to help us awaken the goddess within each one of us. Both men and women can use these cards for empowering their inner feminine self as each of us has feminine and masculine side to ourselves.

Shuffle and select a card at random at any time with or without a specific question in mind, in a meditative state, so as to attract the card which is right for you and read the guidebook for ideas on how to apply your intuition for your message. You can take more cards if needed for the same or different questions or simply choose a card for an inspiring message. Meditating and concentrating upon a card that appeals to you might help in magically manifesting the energy of what the card symbolizes into your life.

The Inner Goddess by Swati Prakash is for the cause of raising planetary consciousness and is free for printing and publishing as long as contents are not altered. Zip files downloadable.


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Publish Date September 06, 2018
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  • Guidance from Higher Self for All Aspects of Life
  • Meditation and Awakening of Consciousness
  • Global Unity and Religious Harmony


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