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Joy & Sorrow Enhanced Edition - Oracle deck

The New Enhanced Edition features
- Forty Four cards - 11 new cards!
- New Guidance for each card - a quick meditation!
- Now available as an App on the App Store & Google Play Store - Take Joy & Sorrow with you!

Joy and Sorrow meditation cards offer a moment’s peace, a moment’s distraction, a moment’s grace. They were created to help those dealing with the pain of loss and trauma.

The original paintings were created after the loss of my nine year old son, my health and my mother in a short period of time. I focused on healing, they were my art therapy. I recreated the images in coloured pencil in the same size so they could be made into cards. The divine feminine is featured strongly throughout, as are the language of flowers and brilliant colours to uplift and offer solace and balance.

On the back of each card is a guided meditation to take the viewer deeper into the insights of the images and helpful suggestions are offered to encourage progress on your journey of healing.

Choose a card randomly, spread out the cards and choose by colour or name, or turn them face up and

choose the image that appeals to you at the moment. Spend a little time reading the meditation and then turn the card over and allow yourself to get lost in the image and message.

The concept behind the deck is that Joy shared is doubled and Sorrow shared is halved. Joy and Sorrow is dedicated to my lifetime friend Heather Sneddon, who is featured in the card friendship.

Enjoy. Roxi Sim Hermsen.


Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 44 cards)



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Cool Factors

  • Easy to transport!
  • Pull a card, and recieve instant feedback.
  • Colourful, uplifting art.


DesignerRoxi Art Work's Games
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Publish DateJuly 18, 2016
DepartmentTarot and Oracles
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