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Kickin' Your Caterpillar

A fun kids card game where you build your caterpillar while stopping others from completing theres

This is a set collecting card game for 3 to 7 people ages 8 and up. It uses a simple draw and play mechanic where each player tries to build a caterpillar consisting of a head, a tail and 4 body parts. There are also special cards that allow you to force other players to discard parts of their caterpillars, or even steal a piece of theirs to add to yours.

The game is great for kids to teach them basic planning, strategy and situational awareness.


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Why buy this?

  • Really simple to learn
  • Portable, and easy for trips and parties.
  • Kid friendly!




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Publish Date April 30, 2017
Edition First
Department Card Games
Genre Abstract
Theme Animals
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Set Collection
More Info Kickin' Your Caterpillar web site


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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