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Knome - Restoring the Balance

Gather resources, build industry and manage two layers of strategy in under an hour!




During the evening, weave the rivers and plant the forests. During the morning light, raise the great water wheels and build the workshops. If you weren't here, the rivers wouldn't weave and the forests would grow dark and grumpy ...

Find the Balance

Gather and manage resources by moving your gnome into the best positions. Time is an issue, as the game takes place using two-sided cards. One side is daylight for human activity and the other is nighttime, perfect for gnomish tricks.

Each game will offer different challenges with crunchy decisions and lots of strategy!


  • Plant, build and establish industry
  • Craft special items with unique advantages
  • Manage your time and resources wisely
  • Both solitaire and competitive rules available

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About This Deck

The Knome deck has some unique features:

  • 6 gnomes with 6 unique abilities
  • One clock card to track nighttime and dayttime activities
  • All cards are double-sided

Please enjoy!

I’ve been told that somewhere in this codex one will find the answer to restoring the balance. Gnomes live so long that these type of documents are rarely made, as they deteriorate far too quickly to be of any use. The existence of this one is rather unusual.

This codex is written in Knome. My apologies, but I had to make a few notes of my own ...


Learn the secrets of the gnomes and find the balance!


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Publish Date August 23, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • Every game is different!
  • Manage daytime and nighttime strategies.
  • It's a portable Euro-style game in a deck of 54 cards!

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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