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Finally a word game where spelling is optional!!
It's a card game that has three sets of cards made up of letters, numbers, and symbols like @#$. You split up into groups of two, with a minimum of two teams. Your partner gives you seven cards to start. You flip over the cards and have two minutes to build as many words as you can, using all three types of cards. As you use the cards, your partner gives you more so you always have seven cards to build with. At the end of two minutes, in order to receive points, your partner has one chance to decipher what words you built. If they miss the word, the next team can steal the points. The point values are one point for letters, two for numbers, and three for symbols.


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  • Quick Paced Creativity
  • Thinking outside the box
  • No Dictionary Required




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Publish Date May 20, 2014
Edition First
Department Card Games
Primary Mechanic Words / Spelling
If You Like Scrabble
More Info Leetzy web site


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