MAPRI Psychic Phenomena Test Kit

Test Your Extra-Sensory Perception!

In the past two-hundred years, the world has been interested in psychics, and the paranormal. Everything from mediums to water witches, the paranormal has been an active part of our culture for a long time running.

Harry Houdini spent the later part of his life debunking mediums and psychics. James Randi, following in Houdini's footsteps is doing the same, but unlike Houdini, Mr. James Randi is offering $1,000,000 to anyone who can prove they are psychic! So this card game could make you a millionaire! (The Million Dollar Challenge [])

The people at M.A.P.R.I or Mid-American Paranormal Research Institute have been doing real scientific research on the paranormal for years and hired us to create a fun and yet highly educational card game.

Basically this card game isn't really a game at all but a recreation of a real psychic experiment originally created by Dr. Karl Zener in the 1930's.

The biggest difference between the MAPRI and the Zenner test is that the MAPRI researchers have changed the the symbols to be more emotionally sterile. The cross and star in the Zenner test has been suspected of being to emotionally charged as it may have religious connotations. The three wavy lines were felt to be too complicated to project.

Both MAPRI and us agree that the current design is elegant and simple. That the whole idea is simplified and in being more simple could possibly help in easier projection.

Every deck comes with twenty-five shape cards, two focus cards, simple rules, and five score cards.

If you are interested in doing serious testing, MAPRI has written a more detailed rules book on how to do a real scientific experiment of your own. You can download the Detailed Rule Book at (

This deck is also great for teachers who want a fun way to teach kids how to run an experiment!


Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 35 cards)



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • You can do a REAL scientific test at home or at school!
  • Learn whether or not you and your friends are psychic!
  • It's fun and educational!


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Publish DateMarch 29, 2013
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