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Meaningful Messages Cards

Enrich your eternal connection with your deceased loved one

This deck of 48 beautifully and carefully crafted cards provides a non-treatment-based means for continuing loving, inspiring relationships with deceased loved ones.

For those seeking to explore their loss through daily reflection and ritual, this deck promotes--- not detracts from---a full life in the physical world.

The content of the Meaningful Messages collection was mindfully developed by renowned afterlife researcher Julie Beischel, PhD, based on peer-reviewed academic publications and current professional views regarding grief.

The Meaningful Messages deck includes 48 cards:

11 Potential Signs from Your Loved One ~ 4 Messages to Your Loved One from You ~ 12 Transformative Affirmations ~ 20 Wisdom Quotes including from Windbridge Certified Research Mediums ~ 1 Instruction card (listing additional online resources)

Suggested use:

  1. Once daily, shuffle the deck.
  2. Pick a card at random, trusting that your choice is inspired by your loved one.
  3. Reflect on how that Meaningful Message may apply to your relationship today.
  4. End with gratitude for the process.

50% of the net proceeds from sales of Meaningful Messages cards are donated to the Windbridge Research Center, a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to the study of dying, death, and what comes next.

Meaningful Messages cards are produced in the United States.

Disclaimer: These cards are for education, entertainment, and personal/spiritual growth only and are not intended to be a substitute for, nor should they ever take the place of, diagnosis or treatment from a professional. If emotional, psychological, or physical distress is experienced, a suitable professional should be consulted. The user of these cards assumes full responsibility for his/her practice and results. The author and publisher accept no liability or responsibility for the thoughts, actions, or decisions of the user. Always check with a healthcare provider when choosing treatment options.

© 2018 Windbridge Institute, LLC


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Why buy this?

  • May help develop bonds with deceased loved ones
  • Includes insights from lab-certified psychic mediums
  • Includes access to online tips and resources




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Publish Date November 15, 2018
Edition 3rd
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