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Medieval Combat Add-On Deck

Recreate Medieval Combat and Historic Battles
Adds significant military strategy and intrigue to Royal Execution® providing new options and opportunities for combat.

Royal Execution® Starter Deck []

Players don't rely upon the luck of the dice to win battles, instead must outwit their opponents with smart combat tactics complete with ruses and feigns. The unique and spontaneous tactic selection and combat resolution process creates a fun dynamic of intuition, skill, memory, and surprise.

Players battling over a Throne, Territories, or Cities have over 30 variations in tactics whose outcome can range from the total massacre of defending or attacking Royalty to a complete rout of the treasonous instigators against the Throne! Archers, Cavalry, Infantry, and the Royals themselves play key roles in determining who lives and who dies. The element of surprise and a good memory of an opponent's past battles helps ensure you properly size up your opponent prior to battle.

The Medieval Combat deck also adds more realism to Historic game play such as the Wars of the Roses Scenario where specific battles and the participation of key nobility and royalty often determined who would win and rule Medieval England.

An advanced combat option for use with the Feudal Deck allows all players to marshal troops in preparation for a mounting civil war and for protecting their alliance of cities and trades. Royalty now has the option of fleeing their Imperial City and relocating their power base to take advantage of resources they have assembled from different parts of the realm or from friendly foreign territories.

Regardless if you use the Medieval Combat Deck with or without a Feudal deck, we think you’ll find this unique expansion deck an extremely fun and exciting addition to Royal Execution®.

Let the battles for control of the Realm begin!

Requirements: Royal Execution® Starter Deck

Play testing suggests player ages of 10 years and up

Playing Time: 20 minutes

Options: May be used will all other expansion decks (e.g., Medieval England); Enhanced scenario-based play, advanced combat options for relocating royalty to new cities and combat Troops to specific cities and territories, Game Owner's Membership to the Game Forum.


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Why buy this?

  • Outwit Opponents Using Smart Tactics, Ruses, and Feigns
  • Unique diceless combat mechanics = Skill, Suspense, & Fun
  • Over 30 Combat Variations = Strategy and Intrigue




Average Rating 2 reviews
Publish Date July 23, 2011
Edition CH Series
Department Board Games
Genre Historic
Theme Empire Building
Setting Medieval
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Strategy
More Info Medieval Combat Add-On Deck web site


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