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Medieval England Add-On Deck

Rule Medieval England

Build your power base within Medieval England by controlling cities and their trades. Gaining the support of guilds and clergy is the foundation of your success and necessary if you want to be a viable contender for the Throne of England. Once you control a throne and establish your seat of power, Imperial cities are formed, solidifying your faction's control over Medieval England.

The Challenge: As you gain more power over England, forming alliances with neighboring countries like France, Scotland, and Ireland, you'll become the target of possible revolts and military attacks from opposing factions. Events such as foreign invasions or "The Plague" could devastate your Imperial City where your Royal Family resides.

The Medieval England Feudal deck adds a fascinating landed nobility dynamic to Royal Execution®. Meticulous attention to the historical trades of England's medieval cities and towns and their role within England history is reflected in each card - the Weaver's Guild of Lincoln founded in 1130 and the Abbey Flour Mill of Tewkesbury just to name a few. Event cards such as "The Plague" and "Invasions" reenact significant events that have shaped the course of Medieval England's history.

This expansion deck adds significant realism to historical game play. You'll experience historic twists and turns by associating specific Royalty Cards to specific Royal Houses and their leaders from Medieval England's past. The Wars of the Roses Scenario comes alive as Queen Margaret of Anjou seeks refuge in Coventry or King Richard III solidifies his power by imprisoning the young King Edward V within the Tower of London.

Experience the treachery, intrigue, and medieval melodrama of England's past. As a game owner, you'll be given access to the game's forum with special access to download various historical game scenarios.

This is really a special treat if you are in ANY WAY interested in Medieval English warfare and history. You'll find this addition to Royal Execution® extremely enjoyable, rewarding, and fun.

Requirements: Royal Execution Starter® Game

Player Age: Extensive play testings shows 10 years and up

Playing Time: 20 minutes

Play Options: Cathedral Communities, Team Play, Historical Scenario Game Play - Wars of the Roses Scenario, Adding the Medieval Combat Deck, Game Owner's Membership Access to Game Forum.


Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 40 cards)
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Cool Factors

  • Faithful Recreation of Medieval England
  • Govern trade cities and their powerful guilds
  • Play Various Roles - Land Baron, Monarch, Militant, Populist


DesignerCuriosity Gaming
Average Rating (1)
Publish DateJuly 23, 2011
EditionCK Series
DepartmentBoard Games
ThemeEmpire Building
Primary MechanicStrategy
More InfoMedieval England Add-On Deck web site

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