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Peloponnesus: League of City States

A city-state building game of power, planning and prestige.

Build cities and use military action to exert control over competing city states.

You are a noble in ancient Greece, trying to turn a fledgling group of towns into the most powerful league of city states in Peloponnesus. You must compete with other nearby nobles with the same goal, competing for resources to complete your cities and at times even resorting to military action in order to maintain your superiority.


Pelopennesus is a game of set collection strategy. There are six different kinds of buildings in 4 colors, which you will use to make your own league of city states superior to your neighbor’s. It will require you to keep an eye on the available resources, make the most of a fortuitous opportunity, and at times take decisive action against your opponents. Anyone can build a city, but can you make yours into the most dominant league of city states in Peloponnesus?


Gameplay is split into 3 rounds of 3 turns each. During each round each player will be drawing some cities, walls or maybe even attacking opponents, based off a die roll. Buildings and walls are then used to make high value cities that will earn you the most points at the end of the game. Throughout the game, champions can be earned to help you defend your own cities, or attack an opponents. Between rounds, there is also a war phase where each player takes a turn attacking.

Final Scoring:

Scores for each player are the sum of each of their completed cities, plus or minus any end game bonuses. Each city’s value is determined by the formula below. Determine the total value for each city, one at a time. Keep track of your total score by using the 2 D10 dice to show the value.

(Completed City Value + Addition Bonuses) x Multiplication Bonuses = Total City Value

For example, a completed, walled city of 4 houses, each of a different color would be valued at: (1+1+1) x 2 = 6

Another example, a walled city of 9 random building and colors, including 1 palace would be valued at: (5+1+3) x 2= 18

Building and City Bonuses:

Completed Cities

  • Completed city of 4 = 1
  • Completed city of 9 = 5

City Addition Bonuses

  • Walled City Bonus +1
  • Palace Included +3
  • All Different Colors +1
  • All Different Buildings +1

City Multiplication Bonuses

  • All 1 Color x 2
  • All 1 Building x 2

End Game Bonuses

  • Player with the most Windmills +4
  • Player with the most Houses +6
  • Player with the least Monuments -4
  • Player with the least Temples -6

Print and Play:

You can download a print and play file and the rules for free!


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Why buy this?

  • Set collection with 3D wooden buildings
  • Set in Ancient Greece
  • Full Print and Play Available




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Publish Date February 18, 2018
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Historic
Theme Empire Building
Setting Ancient Greece
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Set Collection
More Info Peloponnesus: League of City States web site

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