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Pyramids of Mars

A fast bidding and building game for 1 to 4 players
The grandest buildings in all of Mars are its pyramids. You are trying to build the next great Martian wonder before your competitors do. The only problem is, getting materials delivered into the city is a bit tricky. Your must send your Courier to one of the 3 depots in the city, and then use your influence (as a great artistic mind) to get the materials delivered to the depot you sent your Courier to. Be the first player with 3 Pyramid Tokens to build your pyramid before anyone else beats you to your architectural destiny.

Place the 3 Depot cards (A, B, and C) in a row on the table. Give each player 3 Courier cards (one A, B, and C Courier), and 5 random Influence cards. Choose a player to go first and hand them the dice.

Each player chooses a Courier card and places it face down on the table in front of them. Then, a player rolls 3 dice and places the first one rolled on Depot A, the second one on Depot B, and the third one on Depot C. Players then take turns playing 1 Influence card to change the results on the dice. Once all players have passed, look at the 3 dice on the Depot cards. The die with the lowest value gets to the Couriers, the others do not.

All players reveal their Courier cards. Any player that has a Courier at the winning depot gets a Pyramid Token card.

The game ends when one player has 3 Pyramid Token cards.


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Why buy this?

  • Pick-up and play fast
  • Simple rules
  • Includes 3 variations to play




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Publish Date April 01, 2014
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Sci-Fi
Theme Empire Building
Setting Alien World
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Auction / Bidding
More Info Pyramids of Mars web site


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