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-U- the Game of Stories

A rules light universal RPG for any adventure!
We all like stories. From the books we read, to the movies we see, stories are all around us. But what if you could star in those stories? What if you could be the caped hero saving the day or the brave farm-boy zooming around the universe in a spaceship? Well, now you can... and it's pretty easy.

Welcome to -U- the Game of Stories. A universal roleplaying game where players take the role of any kind of hero they want to play, and the Story Referee can create any world they want. With light, easy, flexible rules, you can create your character in minutes. And with a unique character-based way of creating adventures, you can be playing in no time.

So, skip the crunchy rules systems, create your characters, make an adventure, and get to staring in your own awesome stories. -U- the Game of Stories.

NOTE: This is a Print 'n' Play game. Download this game and print it or read it on your favorite electronic device. You will need 3 six-sided dice, paper and pencil to play this game.

Why buy this?

  • Rules light roleplaying
  • Character-based adventure creation system
  • Completely flexible rules-set




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Publish Date July 10, 2014
Edition Second
Department RPGs
Genre Adventure
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Acting / Singing
If You Like Dungeons & Dragons
More Info -U- the Game of Stories web site


  • This game does not come in a box.


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