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Pint Craft

Craft beers for crowds and connoisseurs

Picture yourself as beer brewer challenged to create distinct and appealing recipes. Pint Craft incorporates elements of resource management and seasonality to generate variety. Creativity on the player’s part ensures that no two games are the same.
No knowledge of brewing is needed to play Pint Craft.


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Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 46 cards)
Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 36 cards)
Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 4 cards)
Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 24 cards)
NOTE: This game contains laser cut components. Laser cut items will have a slight amount of soot around the edges, which can easily be wiped off; and will have a campfire smell for about a week after you open them.



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Seasonal beers
  • Brew your way to victory
  • A game with good taste


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Publish DateApril 29, 2012
DepartmentBoard Games
GenrePopular Culture
SettingModern / Present
AudienceCasual Gamer
Primary MechanicSet Collection

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