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Queen of Hearts Five Person

Line Up Your Best Five




They walk to the tournament field, or is it more of a saunter? The knowing steps of those who have proven time and again that they are among the best fighters in the Realms. And what more could they want but to prove it yet again, in front of the crowds, at the largest tournament of the year. But standing between them and glory is another team. Just as skilled. Just as hungry for victory. In the intense action of small group combat, only one team will prove its superiority, in the Queen of Hearts Five Person.

In this fast paced card game, you and your opponent each arrange a set of five decks full of combat moves. Revealing and trading moves with one another eliminates cards or returns them to the decks from which they were played. In this rapid back-and-forth each of the members of your five-person team are whittled down until that once decisive kill, the one that practically assures that the rest of the enemy team will fall in turn.

That is the Five Person, and you'll prove your might with the strategy of building your decks and the memory needed to play them correctly.

Components: Two decks of 25 cards each. Instructions. Game Box.


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Publish Date January 26, 2016
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Why buy this?

  • Simulate the fast paced action of the Five Person tourney!
  • Outmaneuver your opponent with strategy and memory!
  • Capture the intensity of trading blows on the biggest stage!


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