Racing Manager

Would you be a good F1 team manager?

You and your friends are managers of a Formula Fun racing team.

The winner is the player who obtains the highest number of points over the various championship races in which he participates.

To take part in a race, one must have first employed drivers and signed contracts for the supply of an engine and chassis and manage the finances from the sponsorship cards.

The finishing order of the cars is determined by adding the value of the chassis, engine and driver cards of each car taking into account any effect shown on the Circuit card.

Your progress in the championship will be subject to various positive and negative Special cards for you and your rivals who will do all possible to put a spoke in your wheels.

Racing Manager is an evolved version of Racing Formule Fun which was published in France in 2010.

Many good reviews are available in French for the original version. Don't hesitate to surf on with an automatic translator!


Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 52 cards)
Mini DeckMini Deck (1 deck of 50 cards)
Mini DeckMini Deck (1 deck of 10 cards)
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Cool Factors

  • No need to be a F1 expert to play
  • Easy but tactical card game
  • You'll love it if you like management games

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Publish DateJuly 04, 2012
Edition No in-game texts
DepartmentBoard Games
Primary MechanicAuction / Bidding
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