“Designer Christopher Barley has done an excellent job of taking a familiar idea and spinning it into a very challenging design. Highly recommended.”

Raggle Taggle Gypsy

A fast & fun, medieval-themed strategy card game for everyone ages 10 to 99!

In Raggle Taggle Gypsy, you and up to seven of your friends take turns playing & drawing cards as you inch the score ever closer to ninety-nine, all the while trying to outwit & outplay each other to be the last player standing. But be careful... if you can’t play any cards without going over ninety-nine, you’re out!


Each player starts the game with 1 coin. At the beginning of each round, players are dealt 3 cards, and the player to the dealer's left goes first.

On each player's turn, they choose 1 card in their hand, and plays it face-up in front of them. The value listed on the card is added to the communal Score, and the player applies the effect. After the effect of the played card is fully resolved, it's placed in the discard pile, the current player draws 1 card from the deck, and play passes to the next player.

However... no card can be played if its value would raise the score over 99. If a player can't play any of the three cards in their hand on their turn, they're knocked out of the round.

There is good news, though! The first time each player would be eliminated in a round, they can turn in 1 of their coins to discard their hands, draw a new hand, and pass play to the next player.

The round ends when all but 1 player is eliminated. That last player standing wins 2 coins, and becomes the new dealer for the next round.

And remember to keep an eye out for Gypsy cards - these special trump cards set the score to exactly 99, even if the score is already 99!

The first player to collect enough coins to meet the goal wins!


Tarot DeckTarot Deck (1 deck of 55 cards)
Wink, RedWink, Red (1)



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Cool Factors

  • It's family-friendly, so anyone can enjoy it
  • It's great for teaching kids basic math
  • It's quick to both learn and play


DesignerDragon Crest Productions
Average Rating (1)
Publish DateNovember 13, 2016
DepartmentCard Games
Primary MechanicMath / Numbers
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