Realms RISX

Remember, Pillage Before You Burn.

War. It is a word seldom used to convey its true meaning in the Realms. Wars to us are mostly fancy words for tournaments or the occasional uprising of some minor evil that has rounded up some troops. But what if the reality of war was to visit the Realms? What if some battle-hungry warlord really did seek to conquer all other countries, to truly place each and every peasant and hero under their heal? What if you were that warlord? Would you have what it takes?

Answer that question and test the true level of your ruthlessness and your strategy using Realms RISX. Divvy up the landscape of the Realms between up to five warlords and seek to erase each of them from the map. A deck of nation cards provides extra options for attack and defense, and rules for hero pieces and castles have the ability to greatly influence the course of battle.

Total war. Domination of the Realms. The fevered dream of so many villains and despots. A dream that is within your reach. A wise distribution of your troops. An auspicious allotment of reinforcements. A lucky draw of a card, a fortunate roll of the dice. Each of these might make the difference in your bid for total conquest. Will you step up to the challenge?

Components: Four card stock game mats that assemble into the Realms map. One deck of 44 Nation cards. Clear Tuck Box. Three red attack dice. Two black defense dice. 80 plastic chips of each of five colors as militia units. Three hero pawns of each colors. One castle piece for each color. 15 Neutral castle pieces. Instructions. Game box.




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Cool Factors

  • An epic war that will shape the future of the Realms!
  • Take command of your army and dominate the Realms map!
  • Special rules for heroes and castles add levels of strategy!


DesignerAeston Stromgate
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Publish DateSeptember 21, 2010
DepartmentBoard Games
ThemeEmpire Building
AudienceCasual Gamer
Primary MechanicStrategy
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