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Replacement Santa

Bad news: Santa Clause is dead... Good news: There's a new job opening in the North Pole!

The North Pole is in desperate need of a new Santa Clause. The North Pole is about to see the most cutthroat competition since a certain red-nosed reindeer won gold at the last reindeer games. in this fast-paced game, you choose to either deliver to a home to score points, or to take action to hinder the rest of the contestants.

Game-play is simple; pick up a card, choose which side of the card to play, and your turn is done. Each card has two sides: a home side (green) that is worth points for delivering to, or an action side (red) that can either help you, or hinder the other players.

Most games can be completed in less than 15 minutes. This game is simple to learn but varied game-play offers great replayability.




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Publish Date September 29, 2019
Edition First
Department Card Games
Genre Fantasy
Theme Christmas
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Auction / Bidding

Why buy this?

  • fast to play easy to learn
  • make your own legand for your Santa
  • one deck of cards that is all you need

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