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Sector18 Deluxe

The factions of Sector18 are at war! Claim your planets, build your fleet and conqueror your foes!


Sector 18:

2 players - RTS Style - 15-30 minute gametime


  • 11 Double-sided Space cards
  • 3 Double-sided Base faction cards
  • 4 Double-sided Counter cards
  • 8 Ship Tokens
  • 8 Card clips
  • 1 page rule sheet


  • 2 Extra Space Cards for bigger and more varied maps!
  • 8 Card clips in 2 colors, used on your ship tokens so they are easier to pickup and move around without bending the cardstock.
  • 8 Pre-Cut cardstock ship tokens, just pop them out, no cutting required!
  • 1 Full sized rule page, no more squinting at the hookbox!
  • Upgraded from a hookbox to a Tuckbox!






Rival space factions are fighting over precious resources and territory. You must conqueror planets, build space ships, defend against enemy advances and ultimately destroy your opponents base.

Ship tokens:

The Deluxe Edition comes with 8 double-sided pre-cut ship tokens, simply attach a card clip to each ship for easy pickup and movement without damaging the token.


  1. Each player takes 1 Faction card, using the side of their choice. (Different abilities on each side.)
  2. Each player takes a Base Level and Shield Level counter card and 4 Ship tokens of their desired color.
  3. Set your Base Level card to the left of your faction card starting with the Base Level side up.
  4. Set your Shield Level card to the right of your faction card starting with the Shield Level 0 side up.
  5. Find the 4 planet cards & the 5 Space cards.
  6. Build the basic map layout or make your own.
  7. Each player starts with 2 resources, 7 health and a Light Ship token on their Space Base zone.
  8. The player closest to the Sun goes first.


Players will take turns performing 1 action from the list below until a player reaches 0 station health. (New actions are unlocked as you level up your base.) Actions unlocked and useable are listed on your current Base Level card.

  • Command Fleet: Move all your ship tokens up to their speed value.

  • Collect Resources: Take 1 resource for every un-contested planet you have a ship token on.

  • Build A Ship (Only on planets you own, or on base if no planets are owned and uncontested.)

  • Upgrade a Ship: ( Costs 2 resources, flip ship token over, grants 1 damage and 1 speed)

  • Power up your base shield.

  • Upgrade your base.

Faction Abilities:

Faction abilities require resources, you may use a faction ability even if you’ve chosen another action on your turn. Think of them as an extra action once you expend your resources on them. They only work once for your current turn, but you may spend the required resources next turn to activate them again.

Upgrading Your Base:

You can spend Resources on upgrading your base, upgrade will unlock new technologies and actions available on your turn. To upgrade, spend the required resources shown on the Base Level card and rotate it 180 degrees. When upgrading again, flip the card over where Level 3 is at the top. final upgrade is another 180 degree card turn.

Base Shields:

You may spend resources on upgrading your current base shield level. Follow the same process as upgrading your base. Shield points will negate their power level in damage when your Space Base is attacked. Once shield points have been expended, rotate your shield card down to the appropriate level.


Combat is resolved when two ships are stopped the same zone. The highest Dmg ship defeats the lower damage ship. Ties in damage destroy both ships.

Doing Damage to a Base:

You can do damage to your opponent's base by flying a ship into it's zone, the ship immediately dies and does it's damage to the base's life points. An opponent with shields may lower their shield power by the damage taken to negate base hull damage.


Ships may move up to their speed in zone spaces.Ships may not move diagonally, only up and down. You may not stop in a zone with 2 ships in it unless your ship can defeat one of the occupying ships in combat.

Collecting Resources:

When taking the collect resources action, you will gain 2 for your space base. +1 for each planet you have a ship on that is uncontested (+2 if it's a science ship) And any additional resources from faction skills or planets claimed.

Claiming a Planet:

If you have a ship on a planet zone, you may reap whatever bonuses that zone provides, if your ship leaves or dies, that bonus is lost until the planet is recaptured. If an opponent occupies the same planet zone one of your ships it is considered contested until only one player occupies the zone.

Building a Ship:

If you have enough resources, you may purchase 1 ship and place it on a claimed planet, or if none are available or all have 2 ships already on them, you may place it on your space base, it cannot perform combat or defend until it has moved out of your base zone. Built ships cannot move until you take the Command Fleet action on your next turn.

Ship Types:

Light Fighter (1 dmg, 3 speed) Cost: 2 Resources

Medium Fighter (2 dmg, 2 speed) Cost: 3 Resources

Heavy Fighter (3 dmg, 1 speed) Cost: 4 Resources

Science Ship (1 dmg, 2 speed)
Cost: 3 Resources (While on a planet, grants +1 Resource collection)

Map Zones:

There are 4 different zone tiles.

  • Empty Space - Nothing special happens here.

  • Asteroid Belts - Traveling out of this zone costs 1 additional speed. (Unless you only have 1 speed)

  • Warp Holes -When ending a ships movement on this zone, immediately warp to the another warp hole on the map, if available.

  • Planets - Leave a ship on a Planet zone to claim the planet’s bonus for yourself




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Publish Date October 13, 2018
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Sci-Fi
Theme Spaceships
Setting Space
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Strategy
More Info Sector18 Deluxe web site

Why buy this?

  • Big Gameplay, Small Package
  • Fast paced
  • Feels like an epic space RTS


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.
  • This game contains laser cut components. Laser cut items will have a slight amount of soot around the edges, which can easily be wiped off; and will have a campfire smell for about a week after you open them.


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