“I'm nearing the point of obsession.  I can’t look away, and don't want to -- like Tarot cards, but with built-in illumination, and much more fun.  Brilliant, says I!”

Self-Intuiting Polarity Cards

by Kenton Knepper & Craig Conley

A divination system like no other, Polarity Cards (you may know them by the street name of “Waking Dream Cards,” “Metaphor Cards,” “Subconscious Communication Cards,” or “Transformation Cards”) are a self-working deck with a strange mystique, allowing anyone who draws a card to experience a wide-awake dream and effortlessly understand what it all means.  

The “magic” of this deck is that every person who draws a card will experience a mind-blowing insight that he or she verifiably didn’t have before and will walk away with less confusion and a greater sense of well-being.  It’s as if only the most mystical cards have the power to demystify.  
Unlike Tarot cards or other well-known reading decks, Polarity Cards are wholly free of dogma and therefore allow for fresh, intuitive understandings that are neither influenced nor hindered by preconceptions.  Essentially, the idea is to use these cards as a way to help people read themselves, telling the reader what they see, and then the reader can point out other aspects as desired.  There’s no “wrong” way to use this deck or interpret its imagery, as the person who draws a card will discover all of the uncanny significance on his or her own.  There is no “trying to make it fit,” as insights come up instantly or clarifications are obvious.  The deck genuinely feels “fantastic” because the results are fantastical, yet it’s an entirely useful and pragmatic tool.


“Fantastic work.  I must say first and foremost the designs are simple yet vivid in the overall perception.  No need for intricate psychedelic Thoth Tarot like images to really speak to the psyche. ... [The] cards seem to all imply an active process of the mind to make order out of chaos and focus and still one's mind. ... I suspect [the cards] won't really be used in a magickal ritual sense but rather in a sort of meditation seminar that focuses on the theory behind meditation and trying to explain it from a magickal as well as psychological perspective.  While they do have some archetypal images, these images seem to work as instrumental rather than inherently purposeful.” —Stefan Wallgrave, Sweden

“I’m nearing the point of obsession.  I can’t look away, and don’t want to -- like Tarot cards, but with built-in illumination, and much more fun.  Brilliant, says I!”  —Jeff Hawkins, Colorado

“The cards come across like a psychological tarot - much more accessible and personal and open to individual interpretation.” —David Manley, New York


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Cool Factors

  • self-working divination
  • strange mystique
  • an ancient Mystery tool?


DesignerMystery Arts
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Publish DateJuly 24, 2015
DepartmentTarot and Oracles

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