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Shaquonda Tarot (Cards Only- NO BOX)

Gangsta as f*ck, ghetto as sh*t tarot deck

Wid dis listing you only gon get a deck of cards. NO BOX - NO BOOKLET. You can download da instructions fo free, tho.

If ya want da physical booklet and box - see ma otha listins: wid booklet and box Shaquonda Tarot (Wid Instructions) and wid box Shaquonda Tarot (Deck Only)

Dis hood-@ss deck be inspired by ma muddaf*ckin world. I been readin tarot since I was a kid, but me and ma homies couldn't relate to da medieval sh*t on da traditional decks. None da modern decks had ma flavah eitha, so I hads to make ma own.

These be da cards ya wanna throw down poolside at da BBQ when ya drankin dat 40 and smokin dem fat @ss blunts, waitin fo dem ribs and pork chops to finish up on da grill.

Some sh*t dat make ma deck different:

You gon see lots of weed references throughout da 78 cards.

Instead of Kings we gots OGs, instead of Knights, we gots Hustlas. We ain't gots Pages eitha... we gots Kids. We ain't f*ckin wid no wands, cups, swords or pentacles. It be all about dem blunts, bottles, guns and chips, baby.

Weak @ss b*tches who get easily offended probably ain't gon jive wid ma deck and should just turn dey @sses around now.

One mo thang -- dis may be a considered a novelty deck by some readers, honey... but accurate and insightful as f*ck readins can still be served up wid da Shaquonda Tarot.


Tarot DeckTarot Deck (1 deck of 78 cards)
NOTE: This game does not come with packaging.



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • First Hood-Gangsta themed tarot deck
  • 420-heavy symbolism
  • Colorful and fun


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Publish DateMay 19, 2017
SettingModern / Present
AudienceMature / Adult
Primary MechanicStorytelling
If You LikeMonopoly
More InfoShaquonda Tarot (Cards Only- NO BOX) web site

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