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Sherlock Holmes: Detectives

A story-rich game of deduction and mystery.

Welcome to Victorian London. A heavy mist clouds the city and crime is on a rise. Last night, there was a murder most foul, and as one of Sherlock Holmes’ protégés it is up to you to solve the crime.

Sherlock has already taught you much, and is now testing you vigorously. There are three cases he will present you with, each harder and harder. But you have done this before - guided by logic and deduction. Each case will have you discover additional mysteries and crimes other than the one Sherlock has put you on, and it is up to you to decide how to treat each case. You may decide to solve them quickly or take your time exploring every avenue. The game is afoot!

Sherlock Holmes: Detectives is a game for any number of players, and can be played both cooperative and competitively. You could rush through the cases in a couple of hours, or take an entire day for a single case. You can stick to the core-case, or allow yourself to venture into sidetracks. The way you play is up to you!

Players will start each case with a scenario - a crime has occurred and you must find the answers. Then, they go from location to location, having different encounters. Each little story gives the players new clues and hints towards the culprit. Take notes, think aloud, and deduce who did it!




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Publish Date August 05, 2018
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Mystery
Theme Crime
Setting Victorian
Audience Mature / Adult
Primary Mechanic Deduction
If You Like Diplomacy

Why buy this?

  • Solve crimes like a true detective.
  • Any number of players, and both cooperative and competitive.
  • Visit 1889 Victorian London and meet Sherlock Holmes.


  • This game does not come in a box.


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