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Shores of Success ~ Cards

An adaptive game that helps families build essential skills!




This is an adaptable educational tool that helps our youth build essential skills! It is ideal for children ages 9-12 and has also been found helpful for older and younger children. It includes age-appropriate tasks for children starting at age 4 and has a goal-setting component, so it can be a great game for families & groups.

Children cultivate 5 essential skills: creative problem-solving, task management, goal setting, self-care, and social skills while earning points to receive items they want and learning how to make everyday tasks fun and engaging.

It includes 15 resources for families to build essential life skills from a PhD educational psychologist, child welfare advocate, and professional coaches. Parents gain an understanding of their child’s needs developmentally, discover age-appropriate tasks, and see an example of effective communication for gaining cooperation. This will help you cultivate win-win's with your children!

Boxed game includes: 72 activity cards, a 40-page informative booklet, a convenient link to our additional resources for families online to set you up for success!

Makes an excellent gift for groups! This game can be used by families, teachers, family therapists, school counselors, after school programs, day care programs, church groups, etc.

To see additional skill-building programs and services, visit: And if you have any questions, you can contact us at

“I really like this game and have been using it with my grandson Mickel. We figure out what rewards he want and keep a notebook, so he can see his progress. He loves feeling like he can earn the things he wants, rather than waiting on the adults to simply give him things. He really loves being helpful, and you can see it boosts his self-esteem when he helps others out. I love seeing him thinking of others and thinking about the consequences of his choices, actually thinking things through, knowing that he’s building his critical thinking skills for the future. And I love that there are extra tools that help when anyone gets stuck, like the ones that help build understanding and strengthen communication. I’m looking forward to bringing this game with me to his school when I start teaching there next month, I want to see how we can include it there.” ~ Amelie Hamilton

"Shores of Success is a practical, fun, and interesting way to teach your child or any child you care about the rewards of being responsible and caring for others. Children are naturally helpful and generous but may need reminders and incentives to practice on a regular basis. Caregivers model good communication and problem-solving skills which is an additional bonus of this well-crafted, interactive game." ~ Paula Schmidt, PhD, Educational Psychologist and former school psychologist



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Publish Date October 22, 2023
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Why buy this?

"I love this game! It's very creative. I love the activities and knowing how it will help my daughter with building her life skills, she needs this."

  • Helps children build task-management & goal-setting skills
  • A game that can be customized to fit your lifestyle
  • Helps families build cooperation for better results

Dianne A. Fanti, M.S.

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