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An action-chaining, component collection game for 1-6 players.




Single-Sort is an action-chaining and component collection strategy game with multiple ways to score. Take a private individual goal and dump out the recycling bin to start the game. Each turn you'll use the 7 R's of recycling to manipulate cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal at a recycling center in order to create an arrangement that will earn the most points possible. Sort your way to victory!


Instant Setup

Just dump out the box and spread out the components.

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On your turn you will Collect, Recycle, Sort, and Cleanup.

1. Collect

Draw a face down cardboard from the pile and add it to your collection face up. If the cardboard is dirty, draw another face down cardboard. Continue drawing tiles this way until you draw a clean cardboard. single-sort-draw.gif

2. Recycle

You may swap any one of your components for a different color component of the same type in the pile. If it is cardboard or plastic, the number must match. Immediately end your turn and skip to Cleanup when you Recycle. single-sort-recycle.gif

3. Sort

If you did not Recycle, you may perform 1 Cardboard Action, 1 Plastic Action, and 1 Glass Action, in that order.

Cardboard Actions

You may use either Repair OR Reduce.


Place any one cardboard from your collection back in the pile face up to take 1 to 3 matching color face up cardboards from the pile that add up to the value of the placed cardboard. single-sort-repair.gif


Place one or more of your matching color cardboards back in the pile to take a plastic of matching color from the pile showing a value equal to the sum of the placed cardboards. The value cannot be 6. single-sort-reduce.gif

Plastic Actions

You may use Rethink OR Repurpose.


Roll one or more of the plastics in your collection. Only 1 for 1-2 players, up to 2 for 3+ players, and up to 3 for 5+. Each plastic rolled must be a different color. single-sort-rethink.gif


Roll and place two plastics of the same color from your collection back in the pile to take a glass of matching color from the pile. single-sort-repurpose.gif

Glass Actions

You may use Reuse OR Return.


Place a glass from your collection back in the pile to take a matching color plastic showing the value of 6 from the pile. single-sort-reuse.gif


Place glass from your collection back in the pile to take any metal from the pile. The glass does not have to match in color. 3 are required for 1-3 players, 2 for 4-6. single-sort-return.gif

4. Cleanup

Before ending your turn, from your collection:

  • Place all dirty cardboard off to the side and out of play into the Trash Heap.
  • Place remaining components back in the pile until you have no more than the maximum count limit of 10. Plastics with a 4 showing do not count against this limit.


Game End

When the last face down clean cardboard is drawn and the player that drew it finishes their turn, the game ends. If the very last face down cardboard drawn is dirty then the game immediately ends and the player does not complete their turn.

Highest Score Wins

Clean Cardboard

Score points equal to each pair of clean cardboard values. They do not have to be the same color.

Plastic ⚀ ⚁ ⚃

Score 1 point for plastics showing 1. Score 2 points for plastics showing 2. Do not score points for plastics showing 4.

Plastic ⚂ ⚄

Score 3 points per plastic showing 3, only if you have cardboards of matching color that add up to 3 or more. Score 5 points per plastic showing 5, only if you have cardboards of matching color that add up to 5 or more.

Plastic ⚅

Score points equal to 14 minus the player count if you have the most plastics showing 6. Score 8 minus the player count for the second most plastics showing 6.


Score 5 points per glass of one color and 2 points per glass of every other color.


Score 14 points per metal. Also score +3 points per plastic 1 for gold, +2 for silver and +1 for bronze.

Individual Goals

At the end of the game, gain points equal to the values on dirty cardboard in the Trash Heap that match the colors and values indicated on your individual reference card.



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Publish Date May 28, 2020
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Why buy this?

  • Instant setup
  • Action chaining
  • Point salad


  • This game contains laser cut components. Laser cut items will have a slight amount of soot around the edges, which can easily be wiped off; and will have a campfire smell for about a week after you open them.


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