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Great stocking stuffer idea! One Package=up to 16 player fighter pilot game and instructions.




*Great idea for a stocking stuffer or toy donation box!

*LIMITED OFFER: The first and early purchasers of these game packs will receive a Promo Gold White Tiger card in the pack! Once this offer ends this card will NOT be printed again!*

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"Ships in space. Lots of them. There was peace, then shots were fired, and then there was war."
-Official statement, as provided by Anonymous Pilot-

Indeed, there was peace. But once a package is opened, up to 16 various Pilots (players) have stumbled into the growing conflict, and each turn shots are exchanged until only 1 leaves the battlefield alive.

*This is NOT an expansion. While the included Pilot Cards may vary, each package includes the full stand-alone game and instructions. The wrapping is to provide the feel and potential entertainment of various card game Booster Draft tournaments.


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Publish Date November 13, 2013
Edition 1.1
Department Games
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More Info Stardraft web site

Why buy this?

  • Main game, instructions, supports up to 16 with 1 package.
  • additional packages allow more players, or pilots per player
  • Included Pilots may vary. Over 60 different Pilots available

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