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Taco Party!

Make a taco then be the first to eat it in this family-friendly party game.

Are you hangry for an exciting, family-friendly party game? It is one thing to be able to create something out of nothing in a game, but then to eat it? Don't be crazy, these are game components and you are not a beaver! Seriously, DON'T EAT THIS GAME!!!

The love of tacos has become somewhat of a phenomenom'nom'nom in the last several years and now is the time to celebrate that love in our latest game, Taco Party! You will laugh, you will cry, but most importantly, you will come away fulfilled with tasty fun. Yum!

Play one of six different tacos: *Guaczilla, Cornquistador, Lunchadora, Chalupacabra, El Jefe, and Phantomato! *

This game has it all! Dice-rolling for ingredients, swaps, Smelphies, steals, out-crunching, party-fouls, and dexterity/speed challenges such as The 5-Second Rule, Food Fight, Cubit, Order-Up, Taco Two'sDay, and Carrot-e Chop! Don't flauta yourself because it will be a challenge to finish eating your taco, especially when others are jalapeno business!

Be sure to add the game expansion "Nacho Business"




Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Food Fights!
  • Perform several dice challenges for ingredients!
  • Make and eat a taco!


DesignerWildbird Games
Average Rating (1)
Publish DateJune 21, 2018
DepartmentCard Games
SettingModern / Present
Primary MechanicResource Control
More InfoTaco Party! web site

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