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1 card. 1 D6 per player. The Mind meets secret dice rolling meets Twister.




So, The Mind. Is it a game? Is it an activity?

Whatever. We're not here to litigate that... again...

Ever wonder what would happen if you played The Mind with dice... mixed with a bit of Twister?

You've got your one card (because this is a one-card contest, after all), and each player needs one six-sided die. Don't have any handy dice? Use coins, paper clips, magnets, whatever you can fit up to six of in your hand.

As expected by the rules of the contest, the rules fit on a single side of that poker card.

Once you've gone over the rules (which should take anyone that's played a game more complicated than Uno about 2 minutes), do the MOST COMPLICATED THING in the entire game:

Flip the card to the other side.

Alright, seriously, though. The goal of the game is to line up your dice in ASCENDING ORDER (from lowest to highest). You're all working together (pure co-op game), but there's limited communication.

Roll your die in secret (or fit up to six... things... in your fist), then cup your hand around your die so no one else can see what you rolled.

On your turn, you get one chance to give a single one-word clue (specifically, one of the six clues on the front of the card. If you rolled a 3, you might say 'Odd' or 'Low'. This gives everyone else playing a decent but imperfect hint about what you rolled.

Done saying your clue word? Fantastic. Stick your hand out.

The first player moves their die / things to the center of the table. Everyone else has to place to the left or right of another player, so you want to figure out where YOUR die belongs in this ascending order. Think your 3 is higher than the player who called 'Low'? You might be right.

Remember the three basic rules here:

Don't let anyone see your die!


You can't move your hand to a new place.

(though you can let players get between you if needed.)

Don't say anything else or gesture to other players!

Keep it classy, gamers.

OK, so when all the players have put their fists into a row, and everyone feels pretty good about their position, go ahead and grab a selfie with your free hand amidst whatever ridiculous poses you're in...

Then, reveal!

Carefully reveal your die (or show the number of things in your hand). Look left to right - did you get all the numbers in ASCENDING ORDER? (Ties are cool - whatever's to the right just can't be lower.)

You win!

Make it harder next time by adding more players, a time limit, a requirement to keep your posterior in the same exact place all game, blindfolds, whatever.

Get any wrong?

You all lose!

Womp womp. Try again - it's a 5 minute game.

Where does a 'Talimens' come from?

Fun fact: 'tali' is Latin for dice (literally 'knucklebones, because that's what they rolled) and 'mens' has to do with your mind. It wouldn't be too much a stretch to translate this pseudo-Latin into 'dice mind' or 'dice on your mind' to 'dice for brains' (which is what Bryan has for playing a 6 as the lowest number...!)


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Publish Date December 06, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • Mentally connect with your fellow players.
  • Co-op limited communication.
  • Play anywhere, very few components needed.

Chris Backe (Entro Games)

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  • This game does not come in a box.


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