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The "Hide and Seek" Word Search Game!




In TDCM, two players attempt to form words by stringing together adjacent letters in a grid. The good news is that all of the letters in the word do not have to be on the grid for the word to be formed, though a bonus is awarded for finding full words. There's one more twist: as the letters are turned over to take them out of play, one of each letter of the alphabet in the grid, a gold "bonus" letter, may be uncovered for extra points to the player uncovering it. Finding thirteen bonus letters ends the game and, most likely, gives that player the victory.

TDCM is, therefore, a game of vocabulary, strategy and luck that plays quickly enough to make players say at least once, "one more game!"


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Publish Date September 01, 2014
Edition Second
Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • "Hide and seek" bonus tile element adds new strategy
  • Quick game with strong "let's play again" factor
  • Sleek and portable packaging


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