Team Grand Melee

Teams, Take the Field.

The teams take their positions. Across the field, cold gazes meet. Surveying the wide space ahead of them, strategies are born and extinguished as each mind works furiously to find weaknesses in each others' formation. Soon the horn will sound, and the battle will begin.

Imagine if you could general one of those fine armies, an army of fighters, healers, and mages. An army that has the potential to march uncontested across the tourney field, leaving destruction in its wake.

A favorite of many tournament events for many years, but especially at Queen of Hearts, a team grand melee is the ultimate test of your tactical and martial skill. Victory only comes to a team that can combine fighting prowess with the ability to read the ebb and flow of the battle, striking at the right time and place and building upon their own momentum. Now, that battle can take place on your table.

In Team Grand Melee you move your army across a vast battlefield of hexes, rolling dice, tapping units, and playing cards to vie for the highest initiative and combat scores. As you strike down your opponents' units, you can increase your supremacy by spending them on increasing the size of your hand. One by one, destroy your enemies and wipe them from the board.

The teams are in position. The thrill of battle looms in the air. The horn sounds. Charge!

Components: One deck of 72 combat cards. 18 wooden pieces of each of six colors as units. One six sided die of each six colors. One quad-fold game board. Six initiative tokens. Instructions. Game box.




Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Position yourself for victory as you move units on hexes.
  • Decide initiative and combat through dice and cards.
  • Eliminate each enemy army and claim ultimate victory.


DesignerAeston Stromgate
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Publish DateMay 01, 2012
DepartmentBoard Games
AudienceCasual Gamer
Primary MechanicStrategy
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