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TFT Lenormand Photo Edition

TimeForTalking Lenormand, unique Oracle Cards + With FREE book +




      • TimeForTalking (TFT) Lenormand Photo Edition (English Lenormand Orcacle Cards) + + + With this absolutely unique Lenormand card deck, we are truly bringing the Lenormand Oracle Cards well into this century.

Each card shows a photo but also provides interpretation tips and hints with printed on English text. For this the following areas are covered: Lenormand cards, numerology, crystals and gemstones, astrology, playing cards, chakras, meditation, colours, angels and more.

      • Totally NEW in these card decks + + + The personal cards are absolutely different but much more suitable, up-to-date and thus offering much deeper interpretation and design than any other card deck.

Suitable for a novice and the professional Lenormand card reader alike. Collectors of card decks will love it as well.

Your purchase also includes a free eBook (100 pages, value: $ 25.00 ).

This does not only give insights into this unique card deck, but also provides further information about the photos, how to use this deck, the A-Z to crystals and gem stones and astrology, how to learn reading the Lenormand cards and much more.

+++To save you on any additional printing as well as post and package costs, you will receive your free eBook separately on our web site.+++ +++++ Just visit the following link, a f t e r your purchase:[Link] (

*At the bottom of that page, is a form for you to access the ebook. *

We offer 3 different and unique Lenormand card decks: - i) TFT aka TimeForTalking Lenormand Photo Edition (this deck here) - ii) TFT aka TimeForTalking Lenormand Cartoon Edition (Link: TFT Lenormand Cartoon Edition ) - iii) TFT aka TimeForTalking Lenormand Cartoon Spotlight Edition (Link: TFT Lenormand Cartoon Spotlight Edition )

Should you have any queries before or during your purchase, please visit our page: for full details and also a video & more. On there, you can also get in touch with us directly, or on this page here, via the links on the top right side.

These card decks are available in English as well as German. You find the German Decks on: 1) TFT aka TimeForTalking Lenormand Photo Ausgabe (Link: TFT Lenormand Photo Ausgabe ) 2) TFT aka TimeForTalking Lenormand Cartoon Ausgabe (Link: TFT Lenormand Cartoon Ausgabe ) 3) TFT aka TimeForTalking Lenormand Cartoon Spotlight Ausgabe (Link: TFT Lenormand Cartoon Spotlight Ausgabe )

These card decks have been created and developed by Eva M April aka TFT aka TimeForTalking, of ++ ++

Card decks, photos, design, text, idea: Copyright © 2010 Eva M April aka TFT aka TimeForTalking Guidance Services ~ Get inspired ~



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Publish Date October 04, 2012
Edition ~ Photo Edition ~
Department Tarot and Oracles
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Why buy this?

  • TFT Lenormand Photo Edition
  • 36 unique Lenormand Oracle Cards
  • Free Lenormand eBook ! (visit

TFT aka TimeForTalking

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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