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The Archetypes of the Divine Wild Woman

The Archetypes of the Divine Wild Woman Oracle Deck
This innovative 31-card deck will inspire you to step into your own feminine awesomeness by helping you tap into the depths of the collective unconsciousness.

Transform your fears and blocks into expansiveness and abundance.

Deck Includes:

31-cards that include:

18 Goddess Archetypes

7 Chakras

5 Elements

1 Extra Ascension Card.

Instruction Card

Beautiful Blue Box

No Book?


As readers and goddesses, we rely way too much on booklets and instruction manuals.

The point of this deck is to get you connected to YOUR own powerful divine feminine energies and the collective unconscious.

That means getting your head out of a book and paying attention to your natural intuitive abilities.

That means turning off your logical brain and letting your heart do the talking.

That means letting your own voice shine through. :)

Instructions on How to Use the Deck:
1. Shuffle the cards thinking about what you would like to know*.
2. Pick a card.
3. Contemplate the words, imagery and goddess on the card. What does it bring up for you?
4. Take some time to free-form journal about what you have discovered.

Or play with the cards and create your own ritual.

*I suggest meditation to open up your energy flow before pulling cards.


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Why buy this?

  • A unique deck of Goddess archetypes, chakras & elements.
  • Beautiful imagery that evokes the power of the feminine.
  • Create your own spread or ritual with the card.




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Publish Date March 09, 2016
Edition First
Department Tarot and Oracles
Genre Mystery
Theme Magic
Primary Mechanic Storytelling


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