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The Inner Mask Oracle - With Borders

A Surreal and Beautiful Quest to Know the Self




The Inner Mask Oracle Deck is a tool for self exploration, reflection, and growth. Its images, and the text accompanying them, can help the seeker to face difficult questions, and foster a deeper understanding of the self, the shadow, and their path.

The Inner Mask Oracle is particularly useful in assisting with Shadow Work.

What is Shadow Work? Carl Jung described the “shadow self” as the repressed and unknown parts of the psyche. Some believe this to include the “negative” parts of the self, and erect a somewhat antagonistic relationship with it. However, the shadow is not an enemy to combat or defeat. The shadow is the inner child, a version of one’s child self that is still stuck in a moment of pain that hasn’t had the opportunity to heal. Relating to the shadow with this in mind will completely change the energy of the interaction, and the results. I define the shadow as the things that aren’t ok: the things in the past that still aren’t ok, the things in one’s relationships and reality that aren’t ok, and repeating experiences that aren’t ok. Some will equate the shadow very closely with the concept of the ego. However you define or understand this area of yourself, it can be said that this aspect has been trying to get your attention, calling out to be seen and recognized by you, and that as you live your daily life it is striving to be found. That part is also you, and it wants to come back together. This deck offers a means of communication for those aspects of the self, and can help facilitate interactions with the parts of self we had assumed were discarded, outgrown or eradicated.

NEW: The PRINTED complete manual of meanings (400-page manual including bonus art, commentary, spreads, fiction, and more) is available here.

The Borders Deck has NO KEYWORDS on the cards. This is a version of the deck which has less text, ideal for those who want to use a more intuitive approach or who might find more words on the cards distracting. This deck contains the titles and numbers, but no extra words on the cards.

• "Stars Deck"This deck contains KEYWORDS and is ideal for readers who would prefer more visual cues, or textual cues, to help guide in readings.

• "Art Deck"This deck contains the least text on the cards of all, no titles or keywords, for those who want the minimum presence of text during readings, or who simply want to collect the deck for the art.


64 Oracle Cards printed on 305gsm black-core matt card stock (the same as Magic the Gathering) no added coating, reducing camera glare.

• Booklet of Meanings containing quick summaries of the meanings of cards for convenience in readings. For the complete meanings plus deeper explanations of the stories behind the cards, please go to THE INNER MASK WEBSITE where you can read the entire text free, and also learn more about the project.

One "Credits" card with contact info for the creator, and links to more information about the deck.

For more information about the deck, follow the Inner Mask Instagram Or go to

Designed in New York City. Printed in the USA.


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Publish Date November 05, 2018
Edition 3.5
Department Tarot and Oracles
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More Info The Inner Mask Oracle - With Borders web site

Why buy this?

“The Inner Mask speaks to you on multiple levels unearthing treasures from the subconscious with creativity and conversation. An intriguing deck, well worth exploring!”

  • Surreal and psychologically interesting artwork
  • Can be used as an oracle or a "conversation deck"
  • A divination system unlike any other


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