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The Inner Mask Oracle - With Borders

A Surreal and Beautiful Quest to Know the Self

The Inner Mask Oracle is a tool for self exploration, reflection, and growth. Its images, and the text accompanying them, can help the seeker to face difficult questions, and foster a deeper understanding of one's truth.

Version 4.0 is here!! This is the latest design of the "Borders" deck, released early 2020. This version removes the "sides" of the borders, which is preferable on GameCrafter, and also I've removed the Keywords. For those who still want Keywords, please look for the "Stars Deck," link below. I've removed the Keywords in order to provide a "middle ground" of verbal information between the Art Deck, which includes only the card number, and the Stars Deck, which includes the card number, title, and keywords. I'll soon be updating this page with images of the new look of the deck. There will also be posts on Instagram.

• "Stars Deck" here: The Inner Mask Oracle - Stars Deck

• "Art Deck" here: The Inner Mask Oracle - Art Deck


64 Oracle Cards printed on 305gsm black-core matt card stock (the same as Magic the Gathering) no added coating, reducing camera glare.

• 5 additional "instruction" cards with suggested spreads. These are printed for convenience on special-backed cards for ease of reference, and also for randomization if desired. I was shown the spreads on these cards, as well as the backs of these cards, in a dream.

• Booklet of Meanings containing quick summaries of the meanings of cards for convenience in readings. For the complete meanings plus deeper explanations of the stories behind the cards, please go to THE INNER MASK WEBSITE where you can read the entire text free, and also learn more about the project.

One "Credits" card with contact info and the creator's name. This is version 4.0 of the deck. If there should ever be edits or later editions of this deck, you will be able to locate the appropriate meanings document on the website using the Version number.

For more information about the deck, follow the Inner Mask Instagram Or go to

Designed in New York City. Printed in the USA.


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Why buy this?

“The Inner Mask speaks to you on multiple levels unearthing treasures from the subconscious with creativity and conversation. An intriguing deck, well worth exploring!”

  • Surreal and psychologically interesting artwork
  • Can be used as an oracle or a "conversation deck"
  • A divination system unlike any other




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Publish Date November 05, 2018
Edition 3.5
Department Tarot and Oracles
Genre Abstract
Setting Alien World
Audience Diviners
Primary Mechanic Storytelling
If You Like Mille Bornes
More Info The Inner Mask Oracle - With Borders web site


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